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Film title: Dogs Lie
Language: English
Plot: Eight patients and two staff (Samrat Chakrabarti and Frank Boyd) meet at a luxurious NY sleep clinic for a night of observation and monitoring. Their lives become dangerously entwined as secrets are revealed.Lucia (Ewa Da Cruz) becomes the center of attention as her life seemingly spins out of control. Love, black mail and murder ensue. Humor and irreverence give way to devious self interest.

Dogs Lie Series
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Dogs Lie Cast & Crew

Ken Anderson
as Yuri
Ashley Arcement
as Exotic Dancer
Frank Boyd
as Josh
Jessie Christen
as Dancer
Ewa Da Cruz
as Lucia
Dave T. Koenig
as Herman
Jonathan Lam
as Peter
Arnie Mazer
as Vlad
Rebecca Mills
as Receptionist
Gita Reddy
as Mamaji
Roya Shanks
as Detective Mayo