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Dominic Purcell Dominic Purcell Dominic Purcell Dominic Purcell Dominic Purcell Dominic Purcell


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Raw fm Granger Hutton 1997 Drama
Prison Break Lincoln Burrows 2017 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Split Decision Tommy Baxter 0000 Action, Thriller
Mission: Impossible II Ulrich 2000 0
Mission Impossible Ii Ulrich 2000 Action, Adventure, Thriller
Equilibrium Seamus 2002 0, Sport, Game Show, 0
Scenes of the Crime 2002 Thriller, Drama, Action
Visitors Luke 2003 Drama, Horror, Mystery
Three Way 2004 0, Game Show
Blade: Trinity Drake 2004 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
The Gravedancers Harris McKay 2008 Horror, Thriller
Blood Creek Victor Marshall 2009
Blood Creek Victor Alan Marshall 2009 Horror, Thriller
Killer Elite Davies 2011
House of the Rising Sun Tony 2011 0, Game Show, Comedy
Escapee Jaxon 2011 Horror, Thriller
Straw Dogs Jeremy Niles 2011 Thriller
Bad Karma Mack 2012
In the Name of the King III Hazen Kaine 2013 Action, Adventure, Drama
Assault on Wall Street Jim Baxford 2013 0, Game Show
The Ganzfeld Experiment Detective Malone 2013 Horror, Thriller
Officer Down Royce Walker 2013 Crime, Drama
Suddenly Barren 2013 Thriller
Vikingdom Eirick 2013 Adventure
Motel Larson 2014 Crime, Thriller
A Fighting Man Sailor O'Connor 2014 Drama
Turkey Shoot Rick Tyler 2014 Action
Gridlocked David Hendrix 2015 Action