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Film title: Don't Worry Baby
Language: English
Plot: Robert Lang is a 26 year-old slacker who works at a family-owned preschool on the Upper East Side. His life is characterized by apathy and wasted potential. Harry, Robert's father and boss, is distant and disapproving. They live and work in close proximity, but they're not close. One reason for this is Miriam, Robert's mother, who recently discovered that her husband had an illegitimate child with a young woman, Sara-Beth, and then left him. Without Miriam's mediating presence, Robert and Harry's relationship grows more contentious. When Robert figures out that he inadvertently introduced Sara-Beth to his father... And the fact they too slept together, the possibility that Robert is actually the biological father is legitimate.

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Don't Worry Baby Cast & Crew

Christopher McDonald
as Harry Lang
Phil Burke
as Marc
John Magaro
as Robert Lang
Tom Lipinski
as Lenny
Britt Lower
as Anna
Will Brill
as Jack
Phil Nee
as Samson
Michael Cuomo
as Heavy-Metal-Cab-Driver
Stephen Rowe
as Dr. Schnieder
Mckean Rand
as Jesse Singleton
Jen Steele
as Fan Girl
Dana Marcolina
as Aubrey
Amirah Vann
as Alison
Kaye Tuckerman
as Joyce
Rainn Williams
as Mason Walsh