Donald Sutherland Biography

Birthday: 1935-07-17
Place of Birth: Saint John, New Brunswick Canada
Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m)
Wiki Biography: The towering presence of this Canadian character actor is not often noticed, but his contributions are legendary. He has been in almost a hundred and fifty different show and films. He is also the father of renowned actor Kiefer Sutherland. Born in New Brunswick, Sutherland worked several different jobs - he was a radio DJ in his youth - and was almost set on becoming an engineer after graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in engineering. However, he also graduated with a degree in drama, and he chose to abandon becoming an engineer in favour of an actor. Sutherland's first roles were bit parts and consisted of such films as the horror film Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965) which starred Christopher Lee. He was also appearing in episodes of TV shows such as "The Saint" and "Court Martial". Sutherland's break would come soon, though, and it would come in the form of a war film in which he was barely cast. The reason he was barely cast was because he had been a last-minute replacement for an actor that had dropped out of the film. The role he played was that of the dopey but loyal Vernon Pinkley in the war film The Dirty Dozen (1967). The film also starred Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, and Telly Savalas. The picture was an instant success as an action/war film, and Sutherland played upon this success by taking another role in a war film: this was, however, a comedy called MASH (1970) which landed Sutherland the starring role alongside Elliott Gould and Tom Skerritt. This is now considered a classic among film goers, and the 35-year old actor was only getting warmed up. Sutherland took a number of other roles in between these two films, such as the theatrical adaptation Oedipus the King (1968), the musical Joanna (1968) and the Clint Eastwood-helmed war comedy Kelly's Heroes (1970). It was Kelly's Heroes (1970) that became more well-known, and it reunited Sutherland with Telly Savalas. 1970 and 1971 offered Sutherland a number of other films, the best of them would have to be Klute (1971). The film, which made Jane Fonda a star, is about a prostitute whose friend is mysteriously murdered. Sutherland received no critical acclaim like his co-star Fonda (she won an Oscar) but his career did not fade. Moving on from Klute (1971), Sutherland landed roles such as the lead in the thriller Lady Ice (1973), and another lead in the western Alien Thunder (1974). These films did not match up to "Klute"'s success, though Sutherland took a supporting role that would become one of his most infamous and most critically acclaimed. He played the role of the murderous fascist leader in the Bernardo Bertolucci Italian epic 1900 (1976). Sutherland also gained another memorable role as a marijuana-smoking university professor in Animal House (1978) among other work that he did in this time. Another classic role came in the form of the Robert Redford film, Ordinary People (1980). Sutherland portrays an older father figure who must deal with his children in an emotional drama of a film. It won Best Picture, and while both the supporting stars were nominated for Oscars, Sutherland once again did not receive any Academy Award nomination. He moved on to play a Nazi spy in a film based on Ken Follett's book "Eye of the Needle" and he would star alongside Al Pacino in the commercial and critical disaster that was Revolution (1985). While it drove Al Pacino out of films for four years, Sutherland continued to find work. This work led to the dramatic, well-told story of apartheid A Dry White Season (1989) alongside the legendary actor Marlon Brando. Sutherland's next big success came in the Oliver Stone film JFK (1991) where Sutherland plays the chilling role of Mister X, an anonymous source who gives crucial information about the politics surrounding President Kennedy. Once again, he was passed over at the Oscars, though Tommy Lee Jones was nominated for his performance as Clay Shaw. Sutherland went on to appear in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992), Shadow of the Wolf (1992), and Disclosure (1994). The new millennium provided an interesting turn in Sutherland's career: reuniting with such former collaborators as Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones, Sutherland starred in Space Cowboys (2000). He also appeared as the father figure to Nicole Kidman's character in Cold Mountain (2003) and Charlize Theron's character in The Italian Job (2003). He has also made a fascinating, Oscar-worthy performance as the revolutionist Mr. Thorne in Land of the Blind (2006) and also as a judge in Reign Over Me (2007). Recently, he has joined forces with his son Rossif Sutherland and Canadian comic [error] with the new comedy The Con Artist (2010), as well as acting alongside Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum in the sword-and-sandal film The Eagle (2011). Sutherland has also taken a role in the remake of Charles Bronson's film The Mechanic (1972). Donald Sutherland has made a lasting legacy on Hollywood, whether portraying a chilling and horrifying villain, or playing the older respectable character in his films. A true character actor, Sutherland is one of Canada's most well-known names and will hopefully continue on being so long after his time.

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Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Treasure Island 1950 Adventure
The Dirty Dozen Vernon Pinkley 1967 Action
Threshold 1981 Drama
Lock Up Warden Drumgoole 1989 Action
Lockup Warden Drumgoole 1989 Action
Lock-Up Warden Drumgoole 1989 Action
Heaven Help Us Brother Thadeus 1994 - 1994 Comedy
Pride and Prejudice Mr. Bennet 2005 Drama
Commander in Chief Nathan Templeton 2005 - 2007 Drama
Fallen Lt. Stanton 2007 - Crime
Dirty Sexy Money Patrick 'Tripp' Darling III 2007 - Drama
Crimes That Shook Britain President Stone 2008 Documentary
The Pillars of the Earth Bartholomew 2010 Drama
Pillars of the Earth Bartholomew 2010 Drama
Revolution 2012 - 2013 Adventure
Crossing Lines Michel Dorn 2013 Crime
American Haunting John Bell 2013 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Pride and Prejudice Mr. Bennet 1940
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Matthew Bennell 1956 Reality Tv
The Dirty Dozen Vernon Pinkley 1967 0
Interlude 1968 Drama
Alex in Wonderland 1970
Start the Revolution Without Me 1970 Comedy, History
Klute John Klute 1971 Game Show, 0
Little Murders 1971 Comedy
The Mechanic Harry McKenna 1972 Comedy, Game Show
Steelyard Blues 1973 Comedy, Crime
Alien Thunder 1974
Lady Ice 1974 Crime, Thriller, Drama
S*P*Y*S 1974 Action, Comedy
The Day of the Locust Homer Simpson 1975 Drama, Thriller
The Eagle Has Landed Liam Devlin 1976 0, 0, Game Show
Murder by Decree Robert Lees 1979 Comedy
Ordinary People Calvin Jarrett 1980 0
Virus Captain Everton 1980 Reality Tv, Sport, 0
A Man, a Woman, and a Bank 1980 Comedy, Crime
Eye of the Needle Faber 1981 Biography, Game Show, 0, 0
Max Dugan Returns 1983 0, 0
The Winter of Our Discontent 1983 Drama
Crackers 1984 Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Revolution 1985 0, 0, 0
Heaven Help Us Brother Thadeus 1985 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Ordeal by Innocence Dr. Arthur Calgary 1985 Mystery, Thriller
Oviri Paul Gauguin 1986 Biography, Drama
The Trouble with Spies Appleton Porter 1987 Comedy
A Dry White Season 1989 Game Show, 0
Lost Angels 1989 Drama
Apprentice to Murder John Reese 1989 Mystery
Lock Up Warden Drumgoole 1989 Action, Crime, Thriller
Backdraft Ronald Bartel 1991 0, Comedy, 0
Eminent Domain Josef Borski 1991 Drama
Buster's Bedroom O'Connor 1991 Comedy
Cerro Torre: Schrei aus Stein Ivan 1991 Drama
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Merrick 1992 Action, Comedy, Fantasy
The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas Narrator 1992
Six Degrees of Separation 1993 Game Show, 0
Shadow of the Wolf Henderson 1993 Adventure
Benefit of the Doubt 1993 Thriller
Bethune: The Making of a Hero Dr. Norman Bethune 1993 Biography, Drama, Romance
Red Hot Kirov 1993 Drama, Music
Younger and Younger Jonathan Younger 1993 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Disclosure Bob Garvin 1994 Biography, 0, Game Show
The Puppet Masters Andrew Nivens 1994 Game Show, Reality Tv
Punch Craman 1994
Outbreak 1995 Game Show, 0, 0
Citizen X Col. Mikhail Fetisov 1995 Crime, Drama
A Time to Kill Lucien Wilbanks 1996 Game Show, Comedy
Hollow Point Garrett Lawton 1996 Thriller, Comedy, Action
The Assignment 1997 Game Show, 0
Shadow Conspiracy 1997 Action, Thriller
Without Limits Bill Bowerman 1998
Free Money Judge Rolf Rausenberger 1998 Comedy, Crime
Instinct 1999 Drama
Space Cowboys Jerry O'Neill 2000 0, Game Show, Sport, 0
The Art of War Douglas Thomas 2000 Action, Thriller
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Dr. Sid 2001 Animation, Action, Adventure
Da wan Tyler 2001 Comedy, Drama
American Gun Carl Wilk 2002
Path to War Clark Clifford 2002 Drama
Cold Mountain Reverend Monroe 2003 0, 0, 0
Piazza delle cinque lune Rosario Sarracino 2003 Drama, Thriller
The Italian Job John Bridger 2003 Action, Crime, Thriller
Baltic Storm 2003 Drama, Thriller
Aurora Borealis 2004
Pride & Prejudice Mr. Bennet 2005
An American Haunting John Bell 2005 Reality Tv
The Fallen Lt. Stanton 2006
Ask the Dust 2006 Drama, Romance
Puffball 2007
Reign Over Me Judge Raines 2007 Drama
Land of the Blind Thorne 2007 Drama
Fierce People 2007 Drama, Thriller
Johnny Got His Gun Christ 2008
Fool's Gold Nigel Honeycutt 2008
Astro Boy President Stone 2009 Animation, Action, Family
The Con Artist John Kranski 2010 Comedy
Jock the Hero Dog Narrator / Sir Percy Fitzpatrick 2011 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Uprising Adam Czerniakow 2012 0, 0
Dawn Rider Cochrane 2012
Assassin's Bullet Ambassador Ashdown 2012 Action, Drama, Thriller
La migliore offerta Billy Whistler 2013 Crime, Drama, Romance
Jappeloup John Lester 2013
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire President Snow 2013 Action, Adventure
Forsaken Rev. Clayton 2014 Drama
Struggle to the Light David Lloyd George 2014 History
The Calling Father Price 2014 Thriller
Fallen Lt. Stanton 2016 0, Biography, 0, 0
Panic Michael 2016
Basmati Blues Gurgon 2017 Biography, 0