Watch Doogal Online

Watch Doogal Online
Film title: Doogal
Language: English
Plot: This is the story of Doogal, an adorable candy-loving mutt who goes on a mission to save the world. Doogal must prevent the evil sorcerer Zeebad from freezing the earth forever with the power of the three mysterious legendary diamonds. Joining Doogal on his big quest are pals Dylan, a guitar-playing rabbit, Ermintrude, an opera-singing cow, and Brian, a bashful snail. Hopping on a magic train, they travel over ice-capped mountains, navigate fiery pits of lava, and sail across vast oceans on the perilous journey of a lifetime. Along the way, they learn that the most powerful weapon of all is their friendship - which even Zeebad's magic cannot destroy!

Doogal Cast & Crew

Daniel Tay
as Doogal
Jimmy Fallon
as Dylan
Jon Stewart
as Zeebad
Whoopi Goldberg
as Ermintrude
Chevy Chase
as Train
Judi Dench
as Narrator
Kylie Minogue
as Florence
Ian McKellen
as Zebedee
Kevin Smith
as Moose
Bill Hader
as Soldier Sam
Cory Edwards
as Additional Voices
John Krasinski
as Additional Voices