Watch Doug's 1st Movie Online

Watch Doug's 1st Movie  Online
Film title: Doug's 1st Movie
Language: English
Plot: Doug and his friends find a "monster" living in the woods outside their town, but when they find the monster is actually kind of nice, they find themselves hunted by "bad guys" who want the monster. In addition, Doug has to compete for the attention of Patti Mayonnaise with a snobby 8th grader, Guy Graham. Will Doug get to take Patti to the Valentine's Day dance?

Doug's 1st Movie Cast & Crew

Fred Newman
as Skeeter / Mr. Dink / Porkchop / Ned
Chris Phillips
as Roger Klotz / Boomer / Larry / Mr. Chiminy
Constance Shulman
as Patti Mayonnaise
Frank Welker
as Herman Melville
Doug Preis
as Mr. Funnie / Mr. Bluff / Willie / Chalky / Bluff Agent #1
Guy Hadley
as Guy Graham
Alice Playten
as Beebe Bluff / Elmo
Eddie Korbich
as Al and Moo Sleech / RoboCrusher
David O'Brien
as Stentorian
Doris Belack
as Mayor Tippi Dink
Becca Lish
as Judy Funnie / Mrs. Funnie / Connie
Greg Lee
as Principal White
Bob Bottone
as Bluff Assistant
Bruce Bayley Johnson
as Mr. Swirly