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Film title: Dozers
Language: English
Plot: DOZERS is a scifi/horror comedy about a stress-relieving drug patch called Solace. Ashley and Buddy, a pair of Internet reporters, discover that the patches are making users go mad and erupt into violence.Meanwhile, in a bid for a third term in office, President Shrubb creates the Morality Index, a system by which cities are given a percentile score for their family values -- or lack thereof. As Los Angeles nears 100% depravity, Shrubb threatens to use his prototype Morality Bomb, which would unleash a cloud of behavioral inhibitors and save Hollywood from itself.Dreaming of hitting the big time at Faxx News, Ashley and Buddy hope that the end of the world will mean the start of their careers...

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Dozers Cast & Crew

Ariauna Albright
as Rollergirl
Greg Baglia
as Bren
Todd Bishop
as Priest
Mark Borchardt
as Gawker
Jarrod Bunch
as Zeus
Ben Chester
as Suicide Victim
David Wesley Cooper
as Professor Cain
Erica Duke
as Sabrina Laundry Girl
Colleen Foy
as Darla
César Gamiño
as Rafael
Michael Sean Hayden
as Mike the Cop
Dale Hoff
as Stoner