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Film title: Duty Dating
Language: English
Plot: Clarice, the perfectionist stylist of Dwellings magazine, decides after many romantic dates never got her further then a second date to follow her editor's advice and try the unconventional method of a female love Dr. which includes 'duty dating' with three men simultaneously until she finds a fiancé. After a difficult start the method gets her best catch, ambitious and hunky lawyer Graham, to propose to her, but then good old-fashioned doubts kick in, also concerning her best male friend, photographer Sheridan...

Duty Dating Series
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Duty Dating Cast & Crew

Lauren Sinclair
as Clarice
Paul Satterfield
as Sheridan
Eric Gustavson
as Graham
Lee Everett
as Nikki
Susan Barnes
as Darlene
Lilyan Chauvin
as Dr. Hartley
Taylor Negron
as Preacher
Jack Wallace
as Mr. Penn
Joel Brooks
as Paul Bartley
Ungela Brockman
as Alice Perry
Andrew Heckler
as Morris
Bob Arce
as Vince
Pat Asanti
as Frank
Cynthia Brown
as Law Firm Wife
Katie Dawson
as Sales Girl