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Film title: EZ Money
Language: English
Plot: A mischievous nine-year-old girl's quick and simple get-rich-quick scheme hits an unexpected hitch when she incurs the wrath of a powerful gangster who is determined to hold onto his money in director Dan T. Hall's fast-paced family comedy. Molly Thompson has been sent to the principal's office yet again. A computer savvy pre-teen with a terminal case of curiosity, Molly intercepts an e-mail from a supposed Nigerian diplomat offering $3 million to anyone who can help him transport some stolen funds. When Molly combines her keen business sense with her nine-year-old brother Alex's killer skills at the keyboard, it appears as if the entrepreneurial siblings have netted their first cool million. Their celebration is cut somewhat short, however, upon learning that the fraudulent e-mail was not actually from a Nigerian diplomat in genuine need of help, but an international mobster whose clever scheme has pulled in piles of cash. As with any self-respecting gangster, this malicious Mafioso isn't about to see his plan foiled by a couple of scheming kids, and soon sets out to ensure that his cash stays put. ~

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EZ Money Cast & Crew

Molly Hall
as Molly Thompson
Jonas Gustavson
as Alex Thompson
Emma Kinghorn
as Echo Thompson
Teresa L. Mann
as Dukane Delante
Mike Jansen
as Sylis P. Murphy
Richard Alan Payne
as Jut Monroe
Micki Mohr-Harlow
as Susan Thompson
Lil Kev
as Tutila
Tori Allen
as J.J.
Tom Zupancic
as Police Chief
Ed Wank
as Power Plant Tech #2
Dave O'Brien
as Power Plant Tech #1
Jennie DeVoe
as Diner Waitress
Rich Komenich
as Warehouse Nightwatchman
Ran Burns
as CIA Captain Edwards