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Film title: Easier with Practice
Language: English
Plot: In an effort to promote his unpublished novel, Davy Mitchell sets out on a road trip with his younger brother. However, the idealism of being on the road wears off and it quickly proves to be a lonely and unfulfilling experience for Davy. One night in a motel room he gets a random phone call from a mysterious woman named Nicole. They start a funny and intimate long distance relationship that leaves Davy happier than he has been in years. Hoping there is more to the relationship then a voice and a phone bill, Davy decides he wants to meet Nicole. Ultimately, he will have to face not only the truth about their relationship but also about himself.

Easier with Practice Series
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Easier with Practice Cast & Crew

Brian Geraghty
as Davy Mitchell
Kel O'Neill
as Sean Mitchell
Marguerite Moreau
as Samantha
Jeanette Brox
as Sarah
Katie Aselton
as Nicole
Eugene Byrd
as Aaron
Lance Capaldi
as Book Store Owner
Lucas CorVatta
as Waiter
Jamie Haqqani
as Club patron Executive
Allison Hensel
as Bartender
Tracey Horsley
as Hostess
Danielle Lozeau
as Amanda / Waitress
Emelie O'Hara
as Crying Girl
Lauren Petzke
as Blonde Woman