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Film title: Ecstasy of Gold
Language: English
Plot: Butch is a bounty hunter who just wants to get paid an honest amount for an honest day's work; his chattel, morally corrupt Rattler Fenton just wants to cash in on his well hidden and - to hear him tell it - hard won gold. As Butch navigates an increasingly magical West in search of payment he is joined by a quirky band of outcasts and outlaws -including beautiful, ferocious Akemi - and terrorized by the entirely evil but not entirely human Mondego gang. Through Butch we learn the very real consequences of greed as he watches the pursuit of the ecstasy of gold.

Ecstasy of Gold Series
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Ecstasy of Gold Cast & Crew

John Elliott
as Butch Norton
Narisa Suzuki
as Akemi
Brad Allen
as Rattler Fenton
Ben Hall
as Mondego
Jason Leyva
as Charley Chavez
Abel Becerra
as Puco Chavez
Jonathan Grant
as Hez Bostock
Morgan Brown
as Hiram Firth
Mark Hanson
as Hector
Ben Rodgers
as Mr. Flynn
Joshua Morris
as Mousy Patron
Wes Aderhold
as Rabbit
Arthur Gentle
as Villager
Grant James
as Old Crusty Drunk