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Film title: Eighteen
Language: English
Plot: Pip is a street kid who's meeting life head-on in the big city. On his eighteenth birthday he receives his grandfather's Second World War memoirs on audio cassette, a gift that awakens the ghost of the long lost world. His grandfather relates the story of the day he turned eighteen, fleeing German forces through the woods of France with a dying comrade hanging on for life. In Pip's own and contemporary way, he begins to live the parallel life of his grandfather, both lost in their environments and generations. Along Pip's path he stumbles into an unlikely alliance with Clark, a gay street hustler on the make, and Jenny, an aspiring social worker who tempts Pip with feelings of love and domesticity. He also forges a small but important relationship with a local priest, in whom he confides his deepest secret: the death of his brother and the heinous act his father committed against him before his passing.

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Eighteen Cast & Crew

Brendan Fletcher
as Jason Anders
Mark Hildreth
as Macauley
Carly Pope
as Jenny
Thea Gill
as Hannah
Alan Cumming
as Father Chris
Ian McKellen
as Jason Anders
Serge Houde
as Earl
Gabrielle Rose
as Wendy
Paul Dzenkiw
as Daniel
Ryan McDonell
as Derek
Kevan Ohtsji
as Roger