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Film title: El invierno de las anjanas
Language: Spanish
Plot: A young worker enjoying an affair with an upper class beauty, Adelaida, is drafted by the Spanish Army to fight in the Cuban War of Independence. After Adelaida receives an unusual announcement regarding her lover's death in combat, she refuses to believe the loss of her lover. Her class-conscious family, led by her jealous sister Maria, believes that Adelaida has lost her mind and places Adelaida in an insane asylum. However, Adelaida continues to to live according to her beliefs of passion and freedom. Fellow "inmates" tell her about the wood-nymphs which inhabit the adjacent forest. Adelaida is convinced these nymphs will lead her to her lover and to happiness.

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El invierno de las anjanas Cast & Crew

Eduardo Noriega
as Eusebio Sánchez Arguello / Andrés Echarri
Elena Anaya
as Adelaida
Juan Diego
as Germán
Ana Gracia
as Pilar
Mario Zorrilla
as Lucio
Fernando Vivanco
as Ricardo
Juan Margallo
as Félix
Elisa Vidal
as Manuela
Laura Heredero
as Senator's Wife
Manuel Breton
as Secretary
Fernando Rebanal
as Miruello