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Film title: El misterio Galíndez
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: On March 12, 1956, Basque Nationalist Jesús de Galíndez Suarez disappears from his apartment in New York, never heard from again. He had been working with the FBI and was about to publish a book critical of Dominican strongman, Trujillo. In 1988, a graduate student, Muriel Colber, wants to make Galíndez the subject of her dissertation. She's in Spain doing research; finding little, she goes to Santo Domingo. At every turn, the CIA, in the person of agent Robards, tries to thwart her; and, at each turn, as she considers abandoning the project, someone offers new information, often contradictory. She wants the truth behind the Galíndez mystery; will she find it?

El misterio Galíndez Series
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El misterio Galíndez Cast & Crew

Saffron Burrows
as Muriel Colber
Harvey Keitel
as Edward Robards
John Furey
as Norman Radcliffe
Reynaldo Miravalles
as Don Angelito
Chete Lera
as Diplomático
Carlos Padrón
as Leon María Jara
Mario Limonta
as Areces
Joel Angelino
as Don Angelito
Enrique Almirante
as Trujillo
Hugo Reyes
as Areces
Jorge Alí
as Rivera Maculeto