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Film title: El muerto y ser feliz
Language: Spanish
Plot: El Muerto is the story of a Spanish man in Argentina who one day becomes aware on the upper floor of a hospital in Buenos Aires of his approaching death. He decides to escape, to flee towards the north and across Argentina. This last cross has no specific destination. Only matters movement and sensation of extreme freedom, but above all, the feeling to leave behind only the last moment of life. Hit-man of his condition, he is intimate with death. That's why he serenely moves forward her. His long wondering, being similar by many aspects to a modern novel of cavalry. In this paradoxical movement of avoiding death while rushing towards her, he meets a women, she will be his rider. This movie is the story of a hit-man who does not murder. A story of guns that don't do fire, dogs and roads.

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El muerto y ser feliz Cast & Crew

Valeria Alonso
as Enfermera
Roxana Blanco
as Érika
Lisa Caligaris
as Alejandra
Jorge Jellinek
as Hombre grande
Carlos Lecuona
as Padre de Érika
Vicky Peña
as Mujer que ayer fue rubia
Fermí Reixach
as Santiago