Watch Elf-Man Online

Watch Elf-Man Online
Film title: Elf-Man
Language: English
Plot: An Elf is left behind by Santa to help rescue the Harper family from a lousy Christmas. The Elf and the family get more than they bargained for, as the kids help the Elf discover his special powers and true identity as a budding superhero.

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Elf-Man Cast & Crew

Jeffrey Combs
as Mickey
Carly Robell
as Kasey
Blake Kaiser
as Ryan
Marty Terry
as Gramma
Dave Coyne
as Jean-Pierre
Larry Nichols
as Big Bucket
Mike Diesel
as Officer Schlubb
Jack Hoke
as Santa
Teale Sperling
as Elf Navigator
Larry Levinson II
as Mr. Glavenstein
Joe Hansard
as Stu Grady
Ceire Kenny
as Party Girl #1