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Film title: Elliot Fauman, Ph.D.
Language: English
Plot: Psychology professor Elliott Fauman, Ph.D., in researching the lives and personalities of prostitutes, finds his "statistical architype" in actress Meredith Dashley. Fauman is unaware that Dashley, a world renowned actress, has assumed the role of a prostitute only for her current theatrical production. Through a story that intermingles the zany antics of university life, the always humorous theatrical circles, and the sexy world of prostitutes, Fauman falls in love with Dashley before learning of her true identity.

Elliot Fauman, Ph.D. Series
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Elliot Fauman, Ph.D. Cast & Crew

Randy Lowell
as Elliott Fauman, Ph.D
Tim Abell
as Doug
Ira Smart
as Dirk
Shelley Berman
as Stromberg
Lynn-Jane Foreman
as Bubble Headed Daughter
Jean Kasem
as Meredith Dashley
Michael Willis
as Samson