Watch Eragon Online

Watch Eragon Online
Film title: Eragon
Rotten Tomatoes: 58%
Language: Patrick Doyle
Plot: When 15-year-old Eragon (Edward Speleers) stumbles upon a dragon's egg -- and the egg hatches, quite dramatically -- he sets in motion a series of events that leads him to assume the legacy of a legendary race of dragon riders. Jeremy Irons plays the wise storyteller Brom, and John Malkovich plays the evil king Galbatorix in this fantasy adventure based on the first book of Christopher Paolini's popular &NFi;Inheritance&NFi_; trilogy.

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Eragon Cast & Crew

Ed Speleers
as Eragon
Jeremy Irons
as Brom
Robert Carlyle
as Durza
John Malkovich
as Galbatorix
Garrett Hedlund
as Murtagh
Alun Armstrong
as Uncle Garrow
Gary Lewis
as Hrothgar
Djimon Hounsou
as Ajihad
Rachel Weisz
as Saphira
Richard Rifkin
as Horst
Steve Speirs
as Sloan
Joss Stone
as Angela