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Film title: Escaflowne: The Movie
Language: Japanese
Plot: High school student Hitomi Kanzaki, depressed and despondent, wishes to disappear from her world. Her wishes are heard in the alternate world of Gaea where a battle for absolute control is raging! Magically, Hitomi is suddenly transported to this other world and is bestowed with the power to decide its ultimate fate!

Escaflowne: The Movie Series
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Escaflowne: The Movie Cast & Crew

Maaya Sakamoto
as Hitomi Kanzaki
Jôji Nakata
as Folken
Mayumi Iizuka
as Yukari / Sora
Minami Takayama
as Dilandau
Kôji Tsujitani
as Jajuka
Ikue Ootani
as Merle
Trevor Devall
as Shesta
Brian Dobson
as Nukushi
Michael Dobson
as Dryden
Paul Dobson
as Folken
Brian Drummond
as Allen
Andrew Francis
as Dilandau