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Birthday: 1978-06-13
Place of Birth: Huntington Beach, California USA
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Wiki Biography: Ethan Embry, born Ethan Randall on June 13, 1978, is already a veteran of the acting world. Before he started acting in movies, Ethan appeared in more than 100 TV and Radio commercials. In 1991, at the age of thirteen, he appeared in three films and has continued acting ever since. On average, Ethan released or filmed at least 2 films per year, which continued up until 1999, when he filmed about 5 films, but only 2 of these have been released. Ethan spent most of his childhood in Southern California, growing up with his older brother, Aaron (said to be one of the best musicians in LA), and his little sister, Kessia. In 1998, he bought a home of his own. In the Fall of 1999, Ethan co-starred as Sebastian in the short-lived CBS sitcom "Work with Me" (1999). Sadly, due to lack of ratings, the show ended after only four episodes. 1999, however, did bring a happy event, Ethan's then-wife, Amelinda Embry, gave birth to their first child, whom they named Cogeian, after the Latin word "cogeo," which means "to think over." In the fall of 2000, Ethan starred as Derek Barnes in "FreakyLinks" (2000) on Fox. Thirteen episodes were shot, but the series was soon canceled after its debut. Later success include a role as detective Frank Smith on Dick Wolf's remake of the classic series "L.A. Dragnet" (2003), a part in the recent cult classic Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004), and a guest-starring role on the series "Numb3rs" (2005).

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Work With Me Sebastian 1999 Comedy
Freakylinks Adam Barnes 2000 Sci Fi
Sweet Home Alabama Bobby Ray 2002 Comedy
L.A. Dragnet Det. Frank Smith 2003 - 2004
Brotherhood Declan Giggs / ... 2006 -
Kamer 9 Billy Carver 2011 Music
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
All I Want for Christmas 1991 Comedy, Family, Romance
A Far Off Place 1993 Adventure, Drama, Family
Empire Records Mark 1995 0, 0
Evolver Kyle Baxter 1995 Action, Horror
White Squall Tracy Lapchick 1996 0
That Thing You Do! T. B. Player 1996 Biography, 0, 0
Vegas Vacation Russell 'Rusty' Griswold 1997
Montana 1998
Disturbing Behavior 1998 Game Show, Reality Tv, Sport
Can't Hardly Wait Preston 1998 Biography, 0
How to Make the Cruelest Month Dillger 1998 Comedy
Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 Squirrel 1998 Comedy, Drama, Family
Stealing Time Trevor 2001 0, 0
Ball in the House Bobby 2002 Drama, Comedy
Sweet Home Alabama Bobby Ray 2002 Comedy, Romance
Timeline Josh Stern 2003 0, Sport
Manfast Johnny Shore 2003 Comedy, Romance
Rennie's Landing Trevor Logan 2003 Drama
Pizza Matt Firenze 2005 Comedy
Vacancy 2007 Reality Tv
Player 5150 Joey 2008 Action, Drama
Eagle Eye Agent Toby Grant 2008 Action, Mystery, Thriller
The Kane Files: Life of Trial Jace Olsen 2010 Action
Heart of a Dragon Lee 2011 Drama
Dorothy and the Witches of Oz Frick 2012 Action, Family, Fantasy
Ordinary Man Jason Watts 2012 Action
The House Across the Street Tom 2013 Horror, Thriller
Cheap Thrills Vince 2013 Thriller
In Security Kevin 2013 Action, Comedy
Bereave Tommy 2015 Drama
They 2018