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Film title: Europa
Language: English, German
Plot: An American of German descent arrives in post-war Germany 1945. His uncle gets him a job on the Zentropa train line as a sleeping car conductor. The American's wish is to be neutral to the ongoing purges of loyalists by the Allied forces and do what he can to help a hurting country, but he finds himself being used by both the Americans and the influential family that owns the railroad. After falling in love with the railroad magnate's daughter, he finds that he can't remain neutral and must make some difficult ch

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Europa Cast & Crew

Jean-Marc Barr
as Leopold Kessler
Barbara Sukowa
as Katharina Hartmann
Udo Kier
as Lawrence Hartmann
Ernst-Hugo Järegård
as Uncle Kessler
Erik Mørk
as Pater
Jørgen Reenberg
as Max Hartmann
Henning Jensen
as Siggy
Eddie Constantine
as Colonel Harris
Max von Sydow
as Narrator
Benny Poulsen
as Steleman
Erno Müller
as Seifert
Dietrich Kuhlbrodt
as Inspector
Holger Perfort
as Mr. Ravenstein
Anne Werner Thomsen
as Mrs. Ravenstein