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Film title: Every Dog Has Its Day
Language: English
Plot: One day and night in the life of Jack Smith. Jack is a painter. No, not a house painter, not a sign painter, Jack is an artist. This is a story about one day out of his existence. One day in which he happens to lose his girlfriend, his job, his vision and possibly his dog. Then comes the night and Jack decides to "hit the road." A simple road trip accompanied by his dog and a myriad of memories, which come to life haunting and harassing Jack from the backseat of his '61 Plymouth Fury. All this is punctuated by a ranting Sign Painter, a beautiful Red Head, and several other characters dotting the line of this particular road to nowhere. These strange absurdities reek havoc on Jack's journey through a bizarre storm-fillmed night that will either make or break an already shattered man.

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Every Dog Has Its Day Cast & Crew

Larry Holden
as Jack Smith
James Handy
as The Sign Painter
Shawnee Smith
as RedHead
Tony Plana
as The Cop
David Groh
as Jack Sr.
Taylor Negron
as Sully
Doug Budin
as George
Marty Zagon
as Judge
James T. Callahan
as Father Quinn
Chris Spencer
as Maurice
Chris Stacy
as Dishwasher #1
Gene Jose Rey
as Dishwasher #2
Mike Grief
as Fat Guy