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Film title: Evil Angel
Language: English
Plot: When the young woman Emma Carillo is stabbed five times, paramedic Marcus Galan feels a great empathy for her and unsuccessfully tries to save her life in the Mercy Hospital. Meanwhile the near death patient Caroline Kuntz awakes; kills two people; and leaves the hospital. When Marcus arrives home, he finds his suicidal wife Carla cheating on him with a stranger. The next morning, Marcus goes to a hearing due to mistreatment and the death of the prostitute Elizabeth Markham. Private detective Carruthers is assigned to investigate the case. Meanwhile Caroline visits Carruthers' son Vic.

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Evil Angel Cast & Crew

Ving Rhames
as Carruthers
Richard Dutcher
as Martineau
Bart Johnson
as Jeff Morgan
JJ Neward
as Caroline
Desean Terry
as Shawn
J.J. Boone
as Detective France
Jacque Gray
as Camille
Lucas Fleischer
as Dr. Rollins