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Film title: Evil Spirits
Language: English
Plot: A strange woman runs a boardinghouse whose tenants--mostly misfits and others who won't be missed--begin dying off or simply disappearing. She still cashes their government benefit checks even after they're gone, and it turns out that disappearing tenants aren't the only weird things that are going on in that hous

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Evil Spirits Cast & Crew

Karen Black
as Ella Purdy
Arte Johnson
as Lester Potts
Virginia Mayo
as Janet Wilson
Michael Berryman
as Mr. Balzac
Bert Remsen
as John Wilson
Yvette Vickers
as Neighbor
Mikel Angel
as Willie
Debra Lamb
as Tina
Robert Quarry
as Doctor
Anthony Eisley
as Detective
Hoke Howell
as Mailman
Sam Menning
as Hans
Dori Courtney
as Bank Teller
Larry Biedes
as Mr. Stevens