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Film title: Exiled in America
Language: English
Plot: A Central American revolutionary is captured and tortured by government forces. He escapes and flees to the US, hiding out in a rural area where he is sheltered by a Christian sanctuary movement. His wife gets a job at a local diner run by one of the town's shadier women, and soon a CIA assassination team shows up, looking

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Exiled in America Cast & Crew

Maxwell Caulfield
as Joe Moore
Edward Albert
as Filipe Soto
Viveca Lindfors
as Dr. Helena Lindenhaim
Kamala Lopez
as Marla Soto
Stella Stevens
as Sonny Moore
Wings Hauser
as Fred Jenkins
John Considine
as Dr. Tom Robinson
Gina Gallego
as Conchita Ruiz
Bill Cobbs
as Abraham White
Gary Werntz
as Carl Mahler
Valentin de Vargas
as Rene Castillo
Louie Leonardo
as Bus Boy
Jennifer Rhodes
as Sister Mary Catherine
Susan French
as Old Lady