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Extreme Ae Series
Premiere: 2011
IMDB Rating: 7.9/10
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The first hand and playful look at what happens when Philadelphia's citizens come face-to-face with the parking enforcers. Just when you thought it was safe to park again in Philly: Parking Wars returns, more riotous than ever! The people you love to hate - the men and women of the Philadelphia Parking Authority - are back, ticketing, booting and towing the cars of problem parkers who express their outrage in furious Philly fashion. Returning faves include "Gadget Man" Garfield and his booting partner Sherry, hunting for scofflaws in a new high-tech van. And tick et writers are back to face off with irate citizens and dodge angry drivers including wisecracking Brian, short-but-tough Carmen, the trouble-attracting Danielle, male-attention-magnet Marylin, the protective supervisor Luz and fun-loving Shawn. New faces include rookie ticket writer Mike who clashes with drunken revelers on wild South Street, "glamour gal" Marlene, tough-talking Lori, and Jen who is so gung-ho to boot, she'll even scan for scofflaws on her own block. All roads in Philly still lead to the impound lot - the "car prison" where tempers flare as drivers struggle to get their cars back. This season a man becomes so outraged that no one can calm him down, a religious couple looks to the power of Jesus to help them, police are called in to investigate an alleged theft, and a teenager blames everyone but herself for being towed. Our "heroes" not only endure verbal abuse but they can also experience real danger. When a police officer is shot and killed, the unarmed parking officers are reminded how scary it can be to wear a uniform and walk a gritty beat. Intense, humorous and always emotional - "Parking Wars"' second season is more outrageous than ever. (Source: http://www.aetv.com/parking-wars/parking-wars-about.jsp) more less
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