Watch Fail-Safe Online

Watch Fail-Safe Online
Film title: Fail-Safe
Rotten Tomatoes: 85%
Language: English
Plot: Director Sidney Lumet transforms the doomsday scenario played for laughs in Dr. Strangelove into a taut thriller. When a computer glitch sends a bomber crew on a suicide mission to Moscow, the U.S. president (Henry Fonda) agonizes over how to stop it. Will Fonda tell the Russians to shoot down the plane? Global thermonuclear war may hinge on his decision.

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Fail-Safe Cast & Crew

Dan O'Herlihy
as General Black
Walter Matthau
as Groeteschele
Frank Overton
as General Bogan
Edward Binns
as Colonel Grady
Fritz Weaver
as Colonel Cascio
Henry Fonda
as The President
Larry Hagman
as Buck
William Hansen
as Secretary Swenson
Russell Hardie
as General Stark
Sorrell Booke
as Congressman Raskob
Nancy Berg
as Ilsa Wolfe
John Connell
as Thomas
Frank Simpson
as Sullivan
Hildy Parks
as Betty Black