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Film title: Fairie
Language: English
Plot: In the world of nine fairy types who are celebrating New Years Eve at the base of the Hollywood Sign. Little tiny modern creatures, the fay (fairy) folk possess a vast assortment of magical powers and bizarre capabilities. Though physically different, their inner dilemmas are often akin to humans, making them simultaneously 'fantastical' and 'relate-able'. Inhabiting a parallel universe, yet now a separate one, the fay provide valuable life teachings through humor, absurdity, and simply clarity. A dose of social commentary with a pleasant taste, FAIRIE, is a wild coaster ride with a subliminal current of knowledge underlying its various twists and turns. Our diverse group consists of an ancient Irish fairy King, a tattooed and winged flower Queen, a shy placating brownie, 2 elves (one light and one dark), a tri-aged sibyl fay, a mischievous goblin, a shape-shifting phooka, and a sleeping, snoring baby dwarf. Fairies being notorious indulgers, they all partake of various substances, and proceed to ring in the new millennium as only they can. Their actions range from downright silly to profound and we are thrown into the midst of the fays' world headfirst. First learning of their idiosyncratic traits and relationships through conversation and behavior, we then flow towards the pivotal climax of the story where the least likely character of all, the unassuming Brownoser, surprises us and the fay, by proving to be the most powerful member of the posse. Showing us that even in the fairies' dimension, one should never ever assume. "To The New, To The New". This is their main motto. Life at it's very best is surprising and present. Casual in tone, yet visually elaborate and intense, FAIRIE is a Cocteau-ian soap-opera with splashes of Lynch and Wonka. A hip comic-book feel combined with an easy going natural motion, this HD 30P film is almost 3D when projected properly.

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Fairie Cast & Crew

Jack Wallace
as Finvara
Ed Gale
as Brownoser
Richard Parent
as Mr. Ash
Angelica Page
as Morgana
Julian Sakata
as Clarettop
Nikki Embry
as Bluebell
Jane Paik
as Gobstopper
Jinny Nicklin
as Baby Boo