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Film title: Fathers & Sons
Language: English
Plot: Fathers & Sons is a comedic exploration of a group of men and their relationships with their fathers. A middle-aged Jewish man meets his father for the first time at the funeral of his mother. A south-Asian accountant introduces his white fiance to his father - a gay, Bollywood choreographer. A recently bankrupted Wall-Street broker has come home to borrow money from his music teacher father, and four brothers gather at the paternal home to pay their last respects and to collect their inheritance.

Fathers & Sons  Series
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Fathers & Sons Cast & Crew

Stephen Lobo
as Kama / Cameron
Manoj Sood
as Sutish
Tyler Labine
as Sean
Vincent Gale
as Vince
Hrothgar Mathews
as Hrothgar
Tom Scholte
as Tom
Blu Mankuma
as Blu
Viv Leacock
as Viv
Jay Brazeau
as Anton
Benjamin Ratner
as Bernie
Sonja Bennett
as Sonja
Jennifer-Juniper Angeli
as Concerned Mother
Tantoo Cardinal
as Gordon's Sister
Babs Chula
as Aunt Barbara
Agam Darshi
as Agam