Faye Dunaway Biography

Birthday: 1941-01-14
Place of Birth: Bascom, Florida USA
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Wiki Biography: Faye Dunaway was born on a farm in Bascom, Florida; the daughter of an army officer and a housewife. She graduated high school in 1958, and after a stint as a beauty queen she intended to pursue education at the University of Florida, but switched to acting, earning her degree from Boston University in 1962. She was given the enviable task of choosing between a Fulbright Scholarship to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts or a role in the Broadway production of "A Man For All Seasons" as a member of the American National Theatre and Academy. She picked the latter, enjoying a fruitful stage career for the next two years. She made her small-screen debut on the television series "Seaway" (1965) and appeared in a few quietly received films before landing the lead role of bank robber Bonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde (1967), one of the all-time classics in American cinema. It was that film which catapulted her to superstardom, and from then on she was in demand everywhere, holding her own against some of the biggest macho stars of the period, including Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford, and Paul Newman.

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Faye Dunaway Faye Dunaway Faye Dunaway Faye Dunaway Faye Dunaway Faye Dunaway


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Sky At Night Gina 1957 Documentary
The People Next Door 1996 Drama
The Starlet Herself - Judge 2005 - 2005
Supergirl Selena 3131 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie Parker 1967 Comedy, 0
Hurry Sundown Lou McDowell 1967
The Thomas Crown Affair The Psychiatrist 1968 0, Biography, Comedy
The Arrangement 1969 Drama
Little Big Man 1970 Adventure, Drama, History
Chinatown Evelyn Mulwray 1974 Crime, Drama, Mystery
The Towering Inferno Susan Franklin 1974 Action, Thriller
Three Days of the Condor Kathy Hale 1975 Drama, Mystery, Romance
Voyage of the Damned 1976 0
The Disappearance of Aimee 1976 Drama
Network Diana Christensen 1976 Drama
Eyes of Laura Mars Laura Mars 1978 0, Reality Tv
The Champ Annie 1979
The First Deadly Sin 1980 Thriller
Mommie Dearest Joan Crawford 1981 Drama
The Wicked Lady Lady Barbara Skelton 1983 Adventure, Drama
Ordeal by Innocence Rachel Argyle 1985 Mystery, Thriller
Barfly Wanda Wilcox 1987 Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Gamble Countess Matilda Von Wallenstein 1988 Comedy, History
Burning Secret 1988 Drama
Midnight Crossing Helen Barton 1989 Mystery, Thriller
Up to Date Mrs. Colbert 1989 Drama
Wait Until Spring, Bandini Mrs. Hildegarde 1989 Drama, Sport
The Handmaid's Tale Serena Joy 1990
Scorchers Thais 1991
Double Edge Faye Milano 1992 Drama, Thriller
Arizona Dream Elaine Stalker 1993 0, Biography, 0
The Temp Charlene Towne 1993 Drama, Thriller
Don Juan DeMarco 1995 0, Biography
Unzipped 1995
The Twilight of the Golds 1996
Dunston Checks In Mrs. Dubrow 1996 Comedy, Adventure, Family
Albino Alligator Janet Boudreaux 1997 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Drunks Becky 1997 Drama
In Praise of Older Women Condesa 1997 Drama, Romance
Gia Wilhelmina Cooper 1998 Drama, Romance
Love Lies Bleeding Josephine Butler 1999 Drama
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc Yolande d?Aragon 1999
Stanley's Gig Leila 2000 Drama, Music
The Rules of Attraction Mrs. Denton 2002 0, Biography
Changing Hearts Betty Miller 2002 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Blind Horizon 2003 Game Show
Last Goodbye Sean Winston 2004 Drama, Adventure, Romance
Jennifer's Shadow Mary Ellen Cassi 2004 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Anonymous Rex 2004 Mystery, Sci Fi
Ghosts Never Sleep Kathleen Dolan 2005 Drama
El padrino Atty. Gen. Navarro 2005 Action, Crime, Drama
Rain Isabel Hudson 2006 Drama
Love Hollywood Style God 2006 Comedy, Fantasy
Flick Lt. McKenzie 2007 Horror
La rabbia Madre 2008 Drama
Say it in Russian 2009
The Magic Stone Filomena 2009 Musical, Adventure, Family
The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi Detective Rowland 2009 Thriller
Balladyna Therapist 2009 Thriller
21 and a Wake-Up Major Rose Thorn 2009 Drama
Master Class Maria Callas 2015 Drama, Music