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Wiki Biography: Aleksandr Viktorovich Zbruyev was born on March 31, 1938, in Moscow, Russia. His father, named Viktor Alekseevich Zbruyev, was a high-ranking official, the Vice-Minister of Communications in the Soviet government. His mother, named Tatiana Aleksandrovna Fedorova, was an actress. Before Zbruyev was born, his father was arrested after a business trip to America in 1937, and was accused of being the "enemy of the Soviet people" during the "Great Terror" under Joseph Stalin. After a 15-minute court procedure Zbruyev's father was executed by gunshot to the head. At that time his mother was pregnant. Aleksandr Zbruyev never saw his father. He was a newborn child when his mother, a young film actress, was exiled with the baby from their home in Moscow. After a five-year exile young Aleksandr Zbruyev with his mother returned to their home in Moscow, which was robbed and vandalized by the KGB. Zbruyev experienced hatred at his Moscow school for being the son of an executed "enemy of the people." He followed his dream of becoming a sport-star and an actor, and achieved good results in boxing and gymnastics. He was admitted to the Shchukin Theatre School in 1958, from which he graduated in 1961, from the class of Vladimir Etush. Since 1961 Zbruyev has been working as an actor with the Moscow Lenkom Theatre. Zbruyev shot to fame in 1962, after the film 'Moi mladshiy brat' (My Younger Brother 1962) by Aleksandr Zarkhi, an adaptation of the popular novel 'Zvyozdny bilet' by Vasili Aksyonov. He became a celebrity together with his film partners Andrey Mironov, Oleg Dal, and Oleg Efremov. He played many leading roles in Soviet and Russian films. Zbruyev was honored with the title of the People's Actor of Russia in 1989. Aleksandr Zbruyev is living in Moscow. He is an actor with the Moscow Lenkom Theatre under the Artistic Director Mark Zakharov. Since 1995, Zbruyev is also the owner of the popular restaurant named TRAM (Theatre Restaurant of Moscow Actors) located at the Lenkom Theatre.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Sodom and Gomorrah 1962 0, 0
The Name of the Rose Jorge de Burgos 1986 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Moonstruck 1987 0, 0
The Gamble Federico 1988 Comedy, History
Catacombs Brother Terrel 1988 Horror
The Church The Bishop 1989
La maschera Leonardo's father 1989 Fantasy, Romance
Modì Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1989
Kinski Paganini 1990 Drama
The Inner Circle 1991 Drama
Max & Jeremie Sam Marberg 1992 Crime, Drama, Thriller