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Wiki Biography: Sigrid Gurie was a very talented artist and devoted her time in San Miguel Allende to painting and drawing and to her friends who adored her. She was a fine human being and well loved and missed after her death. She had been estranged from her brother for many years, as his treatment of her had been cold and even cruel. Although she was married three times she had no fond feelings for her ex-husbands. She credited the strain of living in Hollywood at that time and the difficulties of her failed marriages as contributing to her health problems.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Gran Hotel Pimenov 2011 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Zaza 1923 Romance, Drama
Female 1933 0
The Sign of the Cross Glabrio 1933 Drama, History
Clive of India 1935 Action, Adventure
Break of Hearts 1935 Drama, Romance
Bunker Bean 1936 Comedy, Romance
The Adventures of Marco Polo 1938 Adventure, Romance