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Film title: Fetih 1453
Language: Turkish, English, Arabic
Plot: In 1453, the Byzantine capital of Constantinople is surrounded by Ottoman Turks. The city is but a shadow of its former glory due to the empire's ever receding coffers, while the Ottoman Empire continues to grow rich. After years of tolerating the existance of Byzantium, the ambitious sultan, Mehmet II launches his campaign to end the Byzantine Empire and take Constantinople for the Ottomans, resulting in arguably the greatest siege of that age.

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Fetih 1453 Cast & Crew

Devrim Evin
as Sultan Mehmed II
Ibrahim Celikkol
as Ulubatli Hasan
Cengiz Coskun
as Giovanni Giustiniani
Erden Alkan
as Chandarly Halil Pasha
Recep Aktug
as Constantine XI
Raif Hikmet Cam
as Aksemseddin
Naci Adigüzel
as Granduk Notaras
Sedat Mert
as Zaganos Pasha
Mustafa Atilla Kunt
as Sahabettin Pasha
Ozcan Aliser
as Saruca Pasha
Yilman Babaturk
as Ishak Pasha
Murat Sezal
as Isa Pasha
Faik Aksoy
as Karaca Pasha
Huseyin Santur
as Baltaoglu Suleiman Pasha