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Film title: Fighting Back
Language: English
Plot: War veteran Tom Hicks returns home from the military to find that his Cousin has been murdered due to an underlying problem of organised crime in his old neighbourhood. With the Police having no leads to go on and as a consequence, Tom embarks on a brutal personal mission to 'Shake Things Up' with the people responsible! However, Tom's old neighbourhood is not as it once was and it is not very long when Tom ends up in a major altercation where he gets noticed! And by the wrong people! Tom thought that he had left War behind him in the military, but little did he know, his urban War was just about to begin!

Fighting Back Series
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Fighting Back Cast & Crew

Eaddy Mays
as Stephanie
Sonita Henry
as Cassie
Marian Zapico
as Actress
Alex Martin
as Todger
Matt Sigloch
as Gripper
Angela Peters
as Janine
Eric Martinez
as Bang Bang
Thorsten Nickel
as Skinhead
Ranjit Singh Shubh
as Rizzla's Henchman
Dale Comstock
as Cyril
Kye Loren
as Joel
Michael Sani
as Jeremy
Joanna King
as Gabby