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Film title: Fleetwood
Language: English
Plot: Fleetwood Butterworth, not your typical high school class clown, possesses extraordinary strength and kindness, struggles to become accepted in the "cool" group of kids that includes his hard-to-get dream girl Angela. He seams to frequently get slammed by his peers and authorities but gravitates back to his loyal, neglected friends, Rong and Minkus who think Fleetwood is the "champ".

Fleetwood Series
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Fleetwood Cast & Crew

Andrew Caldwell
as Fleetwood
Katie Gill
as Angela
Justin Chon
as Rong
David Petruzzi
as Derek
Colin Niselman
as Minkus
Frank Payne
as Bob Butterworth
Andi Matheny
as Doris Butterworth
Nykia Herron
as Ms. Cantweeker
Bolo Dar'tainain
as Coach Don
Julia Folsom
as Jessy Butterworth
Matt Spangler
as Russell
Jamie Hughes
as Ashley