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Film title: Flipping
Language: English
Plot: The story of Michael Moore, Shot, Hooker, Joey, and Dennis. Five gangsters who work for a man named Leo. They soon discover they could get more out of life if they could run the streets themselves. Tensions build and loyalty is tested as they plan a hit that could change all of their lives forev

Flipping Series
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Flipping Cast & Crew

David Amos
as Michael Moore, Leo's Crew
David Proval
as Billy White, Cop / Narrator / Michael's Lover
Gene Mitchell
as Shot, Leo's Crew
Shaun T. Benjamin
as Hooker, Leo's Crew
Barry Primus
as Joey, Leo's Crew
Paul Klar
as Dennis, Leo's Crew
Tony Burton
as Chuckie, 2-2 Card Club Manager
Mike Starr
as C.J., Fat Dude at 2-2 Card Club
Keith David
as Leo Richards, Gang Leader
William Keane
as Gordie
Lynn Mitchell
as Careen
Christine Harte
as Melanie
Kim Meredith
as Jolie
Gee Thomas
as Sam