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Film title: Four Hours
Language: English
Plot: Unhinged gangster Capone walks into a bar with accomplice Tung with the plan of stealing the contents of the safe. Things get complicated when they have to wait four hours to get the code to the safe. For Capone it's a job, for Tung it's a lifeline. To ensure that they get the code, Capone and Tung hold feisty barmaid Charleene and lovable loser Bob hostage. Will Capone and Tung get the contents of the safe? Will Bob and Charleene get out of this alive?

Four Hours Series
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Four Hours Cast & Crew

Amar Adatia
as Bob
Alexandra Harris
as Charleene
Paul Bibb
as Capone
Darlito Amante Jr.
as Gus Friend #1
Wkd Axe
as Fisher
Sabrina Chiemeka
as Det. Brigette Morgan
Johnny Ong
as Roger
Adrian Rose
as Selwyn
Bruce Wang
as Hue