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Film title: Foursome
Language: English
Plot: On a typical Friday night out, best friends April and Tina randomly meet Chris and Tony at a local nightclub. The four quickly hit it off, and after a night of drinking and dancing, decide to take a taxi back to Tony's place. As the taxi pulls away from the curb, little do they know their plans had just changed, as they are now the victims of a mad-mans sexual game. The group is kidnapped and held hostage to perform "games" for their abductor (Dr. Gregory Russell), who later we find out is Tony's therapist.

Foursome Series
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Foursome Cast & Crew

Fabio Anzolin
as Club goer
Tad Atkinson
as Irritated video customer
Donnie Bonavitacola
as Lunch patron, Bum
Kacy Bult
as Club goer
Brad Champagne
as Club goer
Drue Delio
as Passer-by
Nicole Denise
as Club goer
Armando Elcamino
as Club goer
Shari Emami
as Model
Gavin Fisher
as Lunch passer-by
Austin Graves
as Club goer
Evalie Horner
as Club goer