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Birthday: 1971-03-29
Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Height: 6' 3¼" (1.91 m)
Wiki Biography: Frank Gilhooley grew up in the mining town of Loanhead, Midlothian. Having never dreamed of becoming an actor, he trained as a Landscape contractor starting his own business in the early nineties. Married for 15 years to childhood sweetheart Angela, who went to the same primary school & high school as Frank, and grew up just around the corner... they now have two young boys. Frank stumbled into acting in 2001 by doing a community play for nothing more than a laugh, then a play (John Godbers Up'n Under) in the Edinburgh festival in the same year. Having signed with an agent (PLA Associates) after the festival, it took over a year for Frank to get his 1st part... 'John' in 'One Last Chance', as one of James Cosmo's mobsters in the Scottish Higlands. Having had varying roles across the UK's film & television spectrum since then, Frank has enjoyed a steadily increasing trade in an enjoyable and varying acting career. In 2007 he enjoyed working for the first time with director Ken Loach in his award-winning movie 'It's A Free World', where he threw the cat amongst the pigeons for award winning lead actress Keirston Wareing. In 2008 Frank attended the first ever Scottish Masterclass given by L.A.'s world famous acting teacher Bernard Hiller, where he was lucky enough to be invited to attend Mr Hillers Los Angeles masterclass later in the year. As well as acting, Frank Gilhooley has continued to develop his successful landscaping company and is about to develop a large new carbon neutral home, fishery, Bistro & Nature Park on the farm he purchased outright in 2006.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
One Last Chance Kev 2004 Comedy, Drama
Greyfriars Bobby Chef 2006 Adventure, Family
Night People Andy 2006 Drama