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Film title: Freedom for Joe
Language: English
Plot: Joe Gilmore, a professional quarterback, is running from his conscience, his religious mother and the pain of a deceased father in the darker side of the limelight of his celebrity and success. When he finds himself in a rehab center, his life is forever changed, by a Man like no one he has ever known, who shows up with humorous conversations and illuminating illustrations that help Joe to see what is truly causing the turmoil in his life. Through his experiences with the Man, Joe realizes he has more power than he ever dreamed. 'freedom for joe' is a very atypical spiritual story; edgy, gritty, honest and intense, with a unique blend of fantasy elements and realism, that has an overall message of the power of the individual being and pure, personal connection to the freedom and truth that lies within each perso

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Freedom for Joe Cast & Crew

Beth Riesgraf
as Cindy Robinson
Natalia Oreiro
as Rachel de los Ríos
Eric Matheny
as T.J. Birdman
David Paladino
as Brian Taylor
Lee Burns
as Joe Gilmore
Jessica Drolet
as Sports Reporter Kelli