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Film title: Freedomless
Language: English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese
Plot: Shama and Ana, from Egypt and Japan are connected by living in the same city, suffering abuse by their husbands and visiting the same social worker, Ms. Blanc, who is helping them fight abuse, face the truth, and break their silence.

Freedomless Series
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Freedomless Cast & Crew

María Abradelo
as Herself
Sabrina Arshed
as Shama
Neus Asensi
as Herself
Llum Barrera
as Herself
Carmen Conesa
as Herself
Meena Dimian
as Atef
Enric Escudé
as Himself
María Garralón
as Herself
Isabel Gaudí
as Herself
Yoko Hyun
as Anna
Silvia Marsó
as Herself
Hiro Masuda
as Shiro
Athenea Mata
as Herself
Olivia Molina
as Herself
Xoel Pamos
as Eri