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Film title: French Immersion
Language: French, English
Plot: A contemporary comedy about five Anglo-Canadians - actually four Anglos and a New Yorker - who find themselves in a two-week total immersion French program in a remote town in Northern Quebec. The place is perfect for total immersion, since according to the most recent census the population is 97% Quebecois "pure laine," unilingually French, and fervently nationalist. No one is quite sure who or what the remaining 3% is.

French Immersion Series
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French Immersion Cast & Crew

Olunike Adeliyi
as Aretha
Jean-Guy Bouchard
as Euclide Tremblay
Martha Burns
as Cathy
Robert Charlebois
as Senator Tramblay
Julie Caron
as Denise Tremblay
Gavin Crawford
as Bobby Sexton
Fred Ewanuick
as Colin MacGonagle
Colm Feore
as Michael Pontifikator
Amélie Grenier
as Pat Tremblay
Ali Hassan
as Kumar
Yves Jacques
as Pierre-Émile Dagnais
Rita Lafontaine
as Rhéuna Tremblay - grande-mère
Diane Lavallée
as Ghislaine Tremblay