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Film title: From a Place of Darkness
Language: English
Plot: Miles Kody, is a documentary filmmaker. Living off a long ago success he's now searching for his "second" break. He finds that in the seedy world of snuff films. He interviews Vic, a seasoned pro with a menacing, mysterious dark side. Miles becomes obsessed with the subject matter and his subject. Miles' primary investor, Carl, is also very interested, more in the hypnotic allure of the movies and potential for profit. As Miles tapes his interviews with Vic he becomes aware of the appearance of "ghosts" captured on his video monitor. He realizes that the faint energy fields of these ghosts, past victims of the snuff films, are picked up more readily on video. As a ghost becomes more powerful they become more visible to the naked eye. He soon realizes that Vic is in league with the Devil and delivers the souls of his victims to attain more power.

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From a Place of Darkness Cast & Crew

Travis Schuldt
as Miles Kody
John Savage
as Vic
Conor Duffy
as Sean
Natalie Zea
as Brenda
Carmen Palumbo
as Jacqui
Carmen Mormino
as Officer Diebel
Jeffrey T. Unterkofler
as Officer Paulson
Cristen Irene
as Runaway
Nikki Flux
as Chisled Hooker
Elina Madison
as Tall hooker
Eric Michael Kochmer
as Migrant Worker
Jennifer Pfalzgraff
as Screaming Hooker