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Watch From the Rough Online
Film title: From the Rough
Language: English
Plot: FROM THE ROUGH is based on the true story of Catana Starks, a former swim coach at Tennessee State University who became the first woman ever to coach a college men's golf team. With drive, passion, and guts, she took an unruly group of mismatched kids from around the world and guided them to an all-time record at the PGA National Collegiate Minority Championship. Tasked with building Tennessee State's first golf team and finding only one available African American golfer - Craig, a former caddy with plenty of talent but no confidence - Catana Starks pushes outside TSU's Historically Black context, and, against huge resistance, opens up the roster to underprivileged kids from around the world: Edward, a lower class British youth with a rakish charm and a contempt for authority; Bassam, a French-Algerian from Paris, angry about the discrimination of his people, soft-spoken but likely to explode; Cameron, an Australian from a single-parent household with a childhood spent working, using golf as means to escape; and Ji-Kyung, a disaffected South Korean from Orange County with a love of hip hop. Finding each of these wildly different players in places around the world is tough. Getting them to come together as a team is tougher. But Catana Starks relishes the challenge. At the end of the day, a person's character is determined by the adversity she faces. Against all odds, Catana Starks takes her underdogs From the Rough and turns them into winners.

From the Rough Cast & Crew

Tom Felton
as Edward
Taraji P. Henson
as Catana Starks
Justin Chon
as Ji-Kyung
Lauren Thomas
as Waitress
Griff Furst
as Hugh
Henry Simmons
as Kendrick Paulsen Jr.
Richard Kohnke
as Spielman
James Saito
as Won-Sik
Lindsey G. Smith
as Shonda Williams
Marcus Lyle Brown
as Bob Russell
Dana Michelle Gourrier
as Cafeteria Worker
Letoya Luckett
as Stacey
Ben Youcef
as Bassam