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Film title: Fuk sing go jiu
Language: Cantonese
Plot: Two Hong-Kong cops are sent to Tokyo to catch an ex-cop who stole a large amount of money in diamonds. After one is captured by the Ninja-gang protecting the rogue cop, the other one gets his old Orphanage gang, dubbed the "Five Lucky Stars," to help him. They don't like this much, bu

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Fuk sing go jiu Cast & Crew

Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
as Kidstuff / Fastbuck
Charlie Chin
as Herb
Shui-Fan Fung
as Rawhide
Eric Tsang
as Roundhead / Blockhead
Jackie Chan
as Muscles
Biao Yuen
as Ricky Fung
Tat-wah Cho
as Supt. Walter Tsao
Paul Chang
as Gang Leader
Chia Yung Liu
as Henchman
Michiko Nishiwaki
as Japanese Fighter