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Film title: Funemployment
Language: English
Plot: Three days without sleep and only caffeine and ramen to fuel their semi-lucid minds, four team members wait nervously behind the stage. In their freshly pressed business suits, drenched with sweat, they have only one goal: impress the investors. So how did these four teammates end up together? After moving to Austin, getting laid off, and basically seeing his five year plan go up in flames, NICK DAVID, a 25-year-old nerd at heart, finds himself at a crossroad when asked to join MusiqMatrix, his best friend, TRÉ DINKIN'S latest startup. Lost and unsure of his own identity and future, Nick decides to give the startup world a try, along with living life with a YOLO (you only live once) mantra. His plan shifts when he becomes involved with his new roommate, KELSEY BONNEL, the girl we laid him off. Despite this clearly awkward situation, Kelsey, the work-a-holic who has quit her job to grow her fledgling dream PR company, cannot help be distracted by Nick's live-in-the-moment spirit. As ...

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Funemployment Cast & Crew

Shayla Bagir
as Kelsey Bonnell
Hector Becerra
as Employee #2
Sharmita Bhattacharya
as Cupcake Girl
Matthew Broussard
as André Diablo
Alicia Bucci
as Ashley
Ben Burford
as Bridesmaid 1
Daniel Candia
as Bridesmaid 3
Angelina Castillo
as Employee #3
Noah Dean
as Steve
Alex Dobrenko
as Phil Rosenberg
John Doggett
as Himself
Adam Duncan
as Nick David
Max Dunne
as Jared
Kaleb Dworsky
as Spike
Keith Ehlis
as Client