Watch Funkytown Online

Watch Funkytown Online
Film title: Funkytown
Language: French, English
Plot: Set in Montreal during the disco phenomenon some 35 years ago, Funkytown follows the life of a group of colorful characters. We follow their lives and tribulations as everyone converges on a regular basis at Montreal's hot disco spot: Starlight. Along the way, several events take place that change these characters' lives. As these characters' lives unfold, the Parti Québécois takes power changing the cultural landscape in Quebec while the disco craze slowly fades. While we keep up with these various characters - it is Bastien who is a central part of this story. His drug addiction, dreams to become an actor and womanizing - make him the "bigger than life" typical 70s character around which the whole story revolves

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Funkytown Cast & Crew

Patrick Huard
as Bastien Lavallée
Justin Chatwin
as Tino DeiFiori
Sophie Cadieux
as Helene
Romina D'Ugo
as Tina
Jocelyne Zucco
as Nicole
Janine Theriault
as Connie Lavallée
Camille Pennell
as Cynthia Lavallée
Dominic Longo
as Carlo
Lina Roessler
as Sabrina