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Film title: Funland
Language: English
Plot: Funland is about to open for the new season, and we follow several employees through the rituals of opening the park for the season. Owner Angus Perry refuses to sell the land to a shady development company. A few days later, he's found dead, and the company, headed by Maurio DeMauro, buys up his shares. Concerned only for the profit margin, they start to cut costs and install less family-oriented rides. No one is more upset by this than clown mascot Bruce Burger. Once park accountant Neil Stickney, and one of the founder of the park, he suffered a nervous breakdown, and was kept on by Perry out of pity, he has started to believe he really IS Bruce Burger, and considers himself and Stickney separate people. When a prima donna named Chad Peller is hired to replace him, Burger starts to lose his tenuous grip on reality. He is soon visited by Perry's ghost, who tells him he was murdered. Enraged, Burger plots to take down the park, but decides to first get rid of his replacement...

Funland Series
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Funland Cast & Crew

William Windom
as Angus Perry
David L. Lander
as Bruce Burger
Bruce Mahler
as Mike Spencer
Robert Sacchi
as Mario DiMauro / Bogie
Clark Brandon
as Doug Sutterfield
Jill Carroll
as Denise Wilson
Michael McManus
as T. G. Hurley
Mary Beth McDonough
as Kristin Cumming
Terry Beaver
as Carl DiMauro
Lane Davies
as Chad Peller
Richard Reiner
as Larry DiMauro
Bonnie Turner
as Darlene Dorkner
Jan Hooks
as Shelly Willingham
Randal Patrick
as Chip Cox
Gene Murrell
as Randy Grossman