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Film title: Future Kick
Language: English
Plot: On Earth in the future Don "The Dragon" Wilson takes on a sinister corporation that trades in black market human body parts. He single handedly manages to restore law and order in a motion picture tour de force guaranteed to thrill science fiction and martial arts fans alik

Future Kick Series
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Future Kick Cast & Crew

Meg Foster
as Nancy
Chris Penn
as Bang
Eb Lottimer
as Hynes
Al Ruscio
as Kraner
Jeff Pomerantz
as Howard
Linda Dona
as Tye
Shawn Phillips
as Two-1
Ryan MacDonald
as Peter
Hayden Conner
as Elana
Dana Lee
as Dr. Sado
Joe Mays
as Farney
William Utay
as Dr. Turner
Fred Scott
as Gus
Brenda Bolte
as Bartender