Watch G.I. Joe: The Movie Online

Watch G.I. Joe: The Movie Online
Film title: G.I. Joe: The Movie
Rotten Tomatoes: 61%
Language: English
Plot: Things just got tougher for Team G.I. Joe. Serpentor and the Cobra terrorist organization have found a new ally deep in the caverns of the Himalayas: beings from a forgotten civilization known as Cobra-La, led by the maniacal Golobulus. When Duke is injured, it's up to Sgt. Slaughter, Falcon, Bazooka, Alpine, Snowjob, Roadblock and the rest of team to mobilize and come up with a plan to stop Cobra in its tracks and save mankind.

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G.I. Joe: The Movie Cast & Crew

Charles Adler
as Low Light
Shuko Akune
as Jinx
Jack Angel
as Wetsuit
Michael Bell
as Duke
Gregg Berger
as Motorviper
Earl Boen
as Taurus
Corey Burton
as Tomax
William Callaway
as Beach Head
François Chau
as Quick Kick
Peter Cullen
as Zandar
Brian Cummings
as Dr. Mindbender
Jennifer Darling
as Pythona
Laurie Faso
as Tunnel Rat